Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unique Cassette Chair a Nostalgic Design

wood chair
Unique Cassette Chair
Who is not familiar with the tapes, this one first media is media that is functioning at all for a studio. Well here I found a chair design that elevates nostalgia for the glory of the tape. The following designs are named Unique Cassette Chair, where the place to chair and back support consists of a series of tapes which are connected by a rope and tied section tubular steel frame. Perhaps this could be an inspiration to create designs using objects that have the glory of his day.

Cassette Chair
Nostalgic Design

unique chair
Tubular Steel Frame

nostalgic chair chair design

See here for unique cassette chair detail.

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Daryl Carver said...

Is it just a print or real cassette tapes? nice furniture anyways just find it hard to believe if this is real or not.

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